by A*s*in Santiago – USA on | Buy Moon rocks and Runtz supplies
Everything was handled promptly & professionally.

Out of my 15 years of smoking only 10 strains hit the 5 star mark and this is my number one as long as it’s actually Pomelo Cookies some places like about their strains which have no resemblances…

white runtz

I think this strain is a good hybrid. If you want to work and are going through some tough times smoke it. Take ya ass to work wit ya blunt smoke and chill at work. Helps with stress and also increases your focus.

Product is great! Arrived on time, I just wish I could get better discounts

Ordered Friday last week, paid via cash app, and within 4 hours my package was already registered for shipping. I received my order this morning and boy!!! I’m very grateful to have finally gotten a real plug. Thanks a Milli Rob.

I order a lB of bubba on Thursday and the package just arrived today. I really appreciate it. Thanks

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